Who is Caith Esra Ulvar?

I’m Caith Esra Ulvar – I go by Esra 😉 – and I am a writer.

I grew up in rural Scandinavia but I have spent most of my adult life living in the UK.

After the Brexit vote I had trouble finding work and relocated to northern Germany to be closer to my family. So now I am living in a teeny tiny village in the middle of nowhere with a couple of cats and a seedling that grows in my kitchen sink – it seems to be the only plant I ever managed to keep alive, btw.

Being far away from any and all amenities of urban life gives me plenty of time to read, take long walks through a sodden countryside, watch my favourite Netflix, and to write novels and short stories, of course.

I write literary fiction, with a twist. The twist is me incorporating all kinds of genres into my stories. I do this to capture and transport emotional states that cannot be expressed through language alone. So my stories inhabit a space between reality and dreaming.

I write what I know. I know a lot. I write about marginalised characters, people whose backgrounds keep them from realising their dreams.

My subjects are urban life, love, friendship, family, trauma, addiction, unconventional mental states, LGBT+, criminal behaviour and many more, relating to the human condition in general and every once in a while someone gets killed. I’m not a traditional crime writer, though.

At the moment I publish my writing exclusively on the crowdfunding site Patreon, which is a platform for artists of all genres, kind of like Kickstarter. However, instead of funding a product, you fund a process. Meaning: you pay a set amount of money each month to access the content I create. Sounds good, doesn’t it…

If all of this has sparked your curiosity, look no further. You can read a few of my early short stories right here on my website, just click on the icons & they’ll take you right to the story. Happy reading!

Café WritingCaith Esra Ulvar (1)Caith Esra Ulvar

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