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Three Quotes, Three Days – Day 2

I screwed up – I broke the challenge streak. Which I swore to myself I wasn’t going to do, but kinda thought I might inadvertently. It’s not technically my fault but I’m not going to pretend like I had no choice but to disappear into my Netflix cave for a couple of days. There’s always a way to get at least some work done. I chose not to… My notebook charger chord was on the fritz & I got scared to turn it on lest I waste the battery & lose a bunch of work. So no blogging, or writing for two (or was it three) days & no editing & (beta) reading either – that part I blame on the first season of “Pretty Little Liars”, btw.

Long story short, the quote I picked for today is this one:


I don’t know who said this. I found it online. But this resonates with me so much right now. This is my life. This is my Patreon. This is my writing. I’m putting it all out there. I’m going all in. Maybe someone will want to read it. Maybe someone will want to read it badly enough to put money towards that desire. Anyway. I can see this happening. I can see it all coming together, falling into place. I can see myself being a successful writer. As in: I can see my stories resonating with people, living in the minds of strangers – even if (right now) no one else can.

Tell me about your dream…

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